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Welcome to the ARBA reviewer Website!

This site is designed specifically for our ARBA reviewers and those interested in becoming reviewers. This site will give you the ability to keep track of the status of your assigned reviews and let you submit reviews for ARBA and ARBAonline.

Current ARBA reviewers were recently sent a letter with their User ID and Password. (If you are an ARBA reviewer and did not receive a User ID and Password, please contact the ARBA office at (805) 968-1911 and we will assign one to you.) This case sensitive information will give you access to reviews you currently have out for review and the review due date. When you have logged in, you will go directly to a page with a menu that will route you to where you can submit reviews. Here, you will also have the opportunity to update your contact information, request sources you would like to review, or give us your feedback about the accessibility of this site. Reviewers will also have the ability to go to the ARBAonline home page by using the Home link. The home page will give you current information and updates on what is happening at ARBAonline.

Those interested in reviewing for ARBA and ARBAonline can click on Become a Reviewer and find our reviewer questionnaire and a contributor agreement to fill out and submit for consideration. We are eager to hear from potential reviewers with professional experience (LIS professionals, scholars, faculty members, etc.) and writing proficiency.

We hope you find this site useful and efficient. As always, we thank you for your contributions to this project. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ARBA staff at (805) 968-1911 or through e-mail at ARBA@LibrariesUnlimited.com.
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